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RpiNotify 2.0 is coming soon.

Smart notifications
from IoT to Telegram.

Thanks to RpiNotify servers, to send a push notification to your smartphone, you just need to generate a HTTP call from your script code. Generating these calls is very easy and you can do it from all common programming languages, like Python, Bash, Php or C. This enables you to use RpiNotify in projects carried out through RaspberryPi, Aduino or Intel Galileo.

Basic concept
and operation

We developed this system so that you can always keep in touch with your programme. It is extremely easy to implement and it is meant both for expert makers and first-time users.

The start of your garden irrigation system, a funny server switching off, a particular value detected by a sensor, a change in your public IP address or a file inserted into a folder are only five examples of the large number of RpiNotify functions in your ecosystem.

After writing your script or identifying the function you want to notify in the programme, while pasting the call code we send a notification every time that function ( or script) is executed.

The system speed and its easy implementation will allow the pre-existing programme to function properly all the time.

Some base uses

Imagination is something certain people can hardly think of

Start of your garden irrigation system

Receive a notification every time plants are watered.

Record weather data

Receive a notification when houses melt in the sun.

Heating turned on

Receive a notification when your armchairs freeze and the heating turns on again.

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How to register

You can write with telegram to our bot and type /register.

For different programming languages

Make a HTTP get request.


Python is a high-level, object oriented programming language which is also suitable to develop distributed applications, scripting, counting and system testing.


Bash is a GNU project shell used in Unix and Unix-like operating systems, especially in GNU/Linux and Mac OS X, but also available for Microsoft Windows systems.


PHP is a scripting language originally designed to program dynamic web pages. PHP code may be embedded into HTML or HTML5 code.

RpiNotify is an Italian project supported by RaspberryItaly

The first Italian RaspberryPi community.