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Official Python Library.

Thank's Pip, a famous python's packets manager you will be able to use RpiNotify as if it were a beautiful library which you will be able to include within scripts in a very simple way. In this way, RPN will always be up to date with the latest available version.

Pip Library
Image Sender

Photo sender.

We have received a lot of requests for creating this feature so we implemented it in RPN version 2.0; It will possible send images that will be delivered immediately to the various users clients. This feature leaves a lot of room for the fantasy of our 'makers'. Imagine an overview of the ski slopes so you always stay up to date on the snow situation or install a small camera in your office that will help you to find out who you think is keeping you under control.

Docs sender.

If you think you have to send you log files or pdf documents RPN 2.0 will help you do that. Thanks to our servers you can send up to 1.5GB of data at a time.

Document Sender
Music Sender

Music sender.

We all know how the Internet of things surrounds us, more and more. In the near future, our homes will be populated by devices that will be controlled by voice.

Commands sender and interpreter.

Do you met a systemist who has never been able to launch a command as fast as possible, or maybe without having a computer available? RpiNotify brings the linux shell to a telegram chat.

Music Sender

Basic concept
and operation

We developed this system so that you can always keep in touch with your programme. It is extremely easy to implement and it is meant both for expert makers and first-time users.

The start of your garden irrigation system, a funny server switching off, a particular value detected by a sensor, a change in your public IP address or a file inserted into a folder are only five examples of the large number of RpiNotify functions in your ecosystem.

After writing your script or identifying the function you want to notify in the programme, while pasting the call code we send a notification every time that function ( or script) is executed.

The system speed and its easy implementation will allow the pre-existing programme to function properly all the time.

How to register

You can write with telegram to our bot and type /register.

RpiNotify is an Italian project supported by RaspberryItaly

The first Italian RaspberryPi community.